Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The most successful professional skateboarder comes out

Brian Anderson, 40, one of professional skateboarding’s biggest names, has come out as gay.

Anderson spoke about his sexuality publicly for the first time in an interview with Vice Sports. He said that some close friends and family knew about his sexuality, but he never talked about it publicly.

Anderson turned pro in August 1998, and a year later was named Thrasher magazine’s skater of the year. At 40, he’s still riding, and has sponsorships with Spitfire wheels and Nike.

“I think of how I felt when I was younger, totally scared”, Anderson said. “A lot of these kids who don’t have hope are really scared to death. To hear what I went through, and that everything got better for me, and I got a lot happier and felt more free and didn’t have all this shame buried in my body, you become a happier person. So to convey that message is really important to me”, he added.

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