Thursday, February 8, 2018

'Kiss in' protest to stop queer purges in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan

Next Sunday, February 11th, at 1 PM,​ Voices4 will gather in front of the Uzbekistan Consulate in New York City, in partnership with fellow advocacy group RUSA LGBT, for a good  old-fashioned “kiss in”. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the “kiss in” will serve as a defiant counterpoint to the oppression faced by the global queer community, especially in the wake of mounting hate crimes against LGBT people in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

This particular form of protest isn’t just a way to plan an early date for V-Day, though. The “kiss-in” has been around for 45 years and served as potent form of protest used to highlight a wide range of gay rights issues, from basic freedom of expression to same-sex marriage equality.

“The actions against LGBT people taken by the Governments of these countries are violating all international human rights statutes, laws, and declarations, and the governments must be held accountable for their unjust and inhumane policies,” Voices4 explained.

If you can't go on Sunday, you can help by posting a kissing photo with the event details and directing your followers to the @Voices4_ social networks. 

Every kiss matters!


  1. By Jack Ross: What a great way to protest!

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