Friday, February 16, 2018

Same-sex parents, you have nothing to worry about

Multiple studies have been conducted over the years, countless research has been carried out and endless debates have been had, all to show one thing: the children of gay parents do just as well as the children of straight parents. 

The myth that kids need a mum and a dad to have a fulfilled childhood has been repeatedly, conclusively disproved, so why is it still so pervasive?

In many cases, objection to LGBT families is motivated by homophobia as well a belief that there is something different, and therefore undesirable or lacking, about same-sex parenting. 

But researchers looked into more than three decades worth of peer-reviewed research into how the children in same-sex-parented families did in comparison to their peers from opposite-sex-parented families. The multiples studies found that the kids do just as well

On most health measures, including emotional behaviour and physical functioning, there was no difference between same-sex and opposite-sex parented kids.

The findings of these reviews reflects a broader consensus within the fields of family studies and psychology. It is family processes like parenting quality, parental wellbeing, and the quality of and satisfaction with relationships in the family rather than family structures that make a more meaningful difference to children’s wellbeing and positive development.

However, most studies did find that the greatest barrier to a happy healthy life that children of LGBT parents face more than their peers is discrimination and bullying from other children and their teachers. 

But, rather than preventing couples from adopting, the reports suggest that better representation of LGBT families in schools and open discussions of different types of families can help prevent discrimination early on.

Then, go ahead!


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