Saturday, June 25, 2022

Norwegians stage ‘spontaneous' Pride walk after Oslo shooting

Only hours before the capital city’s annual Pride parade, a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen from Iran opened fire at three locations in Oslo’s nightlife district. Two people were killed and at least 10 seriously wounded in an incident being investigated as an act of terrorism. The suspect is believed to be a radicalised Islamist.

While the motive was unclear, Oslo Pride cancelled a parade scheduled for 12pm as one of the shootings took place outside the London Pub, one of the city’s largest LGBTQ venues.

With Oslo Pride cancelled, countless Pride flags and flower bouquets were left outside the London Pub for a makeshift memorial. Thousands gathered in the afternoon to silently march along Rosenkrantz towards the London Pub that soon became a joyous celebration of community spirit.

Finally, Norwegians of all conditions, not only queer, have remained defiant in the face of a mass shooting in front of an LGBTQ venue in Oslo by staging a “spontaneous” Pride walk.

We all are stand with you!!!

Norway Royal Family and Norway PM visited the place 


  1. Why not just say an Iranian Islamicist? The nation mandates the death penalty for gay men including children under 18. Why was he a radical? He was just carrying out the laws of his birth nation.

  2. Yes, you are right Eddi, currently, same-sex relations carry the death penalty in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen, and capital punishment remains an option in the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar (next soccer world cup), Brunei and northern Nigeria under Sharia law, all of them are Islamic countries, but the situation for queer people is pretty bad in the rest of them.