Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Rhodes Bros

The Rhodes brothers are fraternal twins from Ohio names Austin and Aaron, and they are on FacebookInstagram, YouTube, and Twitter
The Rhodes Bros' YouTube channel started following the twins' adventures as they explore LA, a city they moved to. These guys committed to producing and posting a video every Sunday with some fun and interesting stuff.
But you can discover more about these pretty guys through their videos, posts, pictures and more.
All their posts are really cool, I enjoy their channel and I hope you enjoy too.



  1. Very nice. Like photos of RL like these.

  2. They have nice portfolios up at PYD Model Management. Look on the top line. They look great when professionally shot.

  3. Wow really? they are really good looking yes!

  4. By marc antony:

    wow, i'd love to go exploring.

  5. Great videos. Great looking guys.