Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Over 60% of Americans lives in States where same-sex marriage is Legal

On Monday, the Supreme Court of U.S. declined to hear appeals from give five states that were challenging lower court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage. By doing so, same-sex marriage is now legal in Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin. And incredibly, the ruling sets the stage for legalization in six other states.

The High Court has made history in the United States, with three in five Americans soon able to say they live in states that believe in equal marriage for all. The total population of all 30 states is about 190 million, this means just over 60% of the U.S. population now lives in a state where same-sex marriage is legal, or will soon be legal.

Following the Supreme Court's historic decision, LGBTI people are ever more hopeful that full equality across the country is coming.

 Proud of being gay in Washington D.C.

 in New York City

 in Niagara Falls
in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv 

also in a U.S. military base in Afghanistan

A big step, but there is much to do


  1. Things are moving very quickly in the USA. In a few days, the number of US Citizens who live in states which have marriage equality will actually be 64% due to some rulings in the past few days- Nevada for example is now a marriage equality state as of Tuesday of this week.. The USA and Brazil both have about 200 million people who live in areas with marriage equality -- making them the two largest in the world for this. The last areas in the USA to have marriage equality will probably be in the very conservative 5th judicial district -- Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The US Supreme Court will probably have to rule on these states, probably by June 2016, to make marriage equality the law of the land for all Americans. But things are moving very fast, and we even may be suprised with what happens here.

  2. In any case You are right, the change in US about equal marriage is fast and great. I hope SCTOUS rules soon and positive.