Friday, October 10, 2014

To Russia with Love

Epix documentary ‘To Russia With Love’ was kept secret until July, and it was shot without permits at the Sochi Olympics, and examines human rights through the lens of LGBT athletes in the run up to the Sochi games earlier this year, as outrage over Russia’s anti-gay laws grew.

The doc is fronted by gay figure skater Johnny Weir, narrated by Jane Lynch, and features Stephen Fry, alongside gay basketball star Jason Collins, snowboarders Belle Brockhoff and Simona Meiler, speed skaters Anastasia Bucsis and Blake Skjellerup, tennis legend Billie Jean King, diver Greg Louganis, and ice hockey player Charline Labonté, among others.

Filming also took place in New York, Calgary, Toronto, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The film is significant as many of the athletes who were secretly involved in filming drew criticism during the Olympics for their lack of overt protests.

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