Friday, July 7, 2017

Cologne holds a new edition of Christopher Street Day

The most important event in the German LGBT calendar is the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in the old town of Cologne. 

Every year, on the first weekend of July, half a million participants and visitors celebrate pride in the city centre. Aside from the partying and the fun, there is always a political focus that is illustrated through a new motto each year. This year the motto is 'Never Again!', and the events will be from Friday July 7 till Sunday July 9.

For those who are lucky enough to visit Cologne for longer than a weekend, during the two weeks prior to the CSD there are all kinds of gay and lesbian events on offer, from cultural and sporting events to the "Veedelsfest" quarter party in the trendy "Bermuda Triangle" quarter, close to Rudolfplatz.

Whether it be readings, film screenings, panel discussions, partys, barbeques, seminars or other cultural activities, Cologne Pride offer something for every gay and lesbian and their friends.

Glücklich Stolz!

Willkommen zu Köln

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  1. "Christopher Street Day" held on the first weekend in July sounds like Stonewall Day in the USA. The Stonewall Inn is actually located on Christopher Street in New York's West Greenwich Village. Perhaps they call it Christopher Street Day because Stonewall Day in German (Steinwand) sounds so utilitarian.