Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Most popular gay searches in the US

Wouldn’t it be awful if someone tracked some of the things we search for when browsing porn? Well, turns out they actually do. We’re ruined.

New research on Pornhub has revealed what each state in America is most into when they’re looking to get their rocks off, and the results are quite revealing to say the least.

There’s a few trends going on when it comes to categories such as “twinks” and “Latinos,” but then things start to get a bit  odd when you spot the likes of “tickle” and “doctor”.

Who knew tickling was such a turn on?

While gay porn searches only make up 6.3 percent of Pornhub’s traffic, gay porn remains one of the most uploaded to categories of all time on the site.

A research in 2016, about men porn-viewing habits, found that 21% of straight men reported watching same-sex porn.

Take a look at the full trend map below courtesy of Pornhub:


  1. I heard that the most popular gay search term in Madrid is "Ronaldo's culito". Is this true?

  2. hahahahaha I don't know! but he has a lot of gay fans sure!