Wednesday, July 12, 2017

China bans LGBT content from Internet

China instituted a new measure that will negatively impact its LGBT citizens. Since July 1st, the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) put into effect new regulations that ban online videos that promote “abnormal sexual behaviors”.

This is a major setback for the LGBT community in China. Depictions of homosexuality fall under the government’s umbrella of “abnormal” sexual behavior, and this new measure effectively erases LGBT characters and stories from online media. Under the new policy, "professional censors" employed by the video sharing website will edit out or remove any LGBT content from their sites.

This regulation is only the latest attempt by authorities to censor the Chinese people’s access to diverse ideas and perspectives. In 2016, the Chinese government banned portrayals of LGBT people from appearing on TV. Last year, China authorities also banned first gay web series from streaming sites.

A China's map shows here how gay friendly its regions are.

Being homosexual cannot be banned

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