Friday, December 15, 2017

The gayest cake is... in Canada!

Chris Farias, a man from Hamilton, Ontario, wanted to celebrate his engagement to partner Jared Lenover, and he called up a local bakery, Cake and Loaf Bakery, and requested the gayest cake they could make. 

After he requested the cake, this is what the bakery said: ‘Without hesitation, and with much excitement, they said “We’ll do it!!!”

Complete with a rainbow cake, flowers, affirming messages, and a unicorn horn, it really might be the gayest cake ever.

"Being part of the LGBT community isn’t easy for many", Farias said. "And that’s an huge understatement. But I am proud of who I am, and how far WE have come. I am proud to be a gay Canadian who can order a cake and not get turned down because of who I love. I love this country, and I love my community", he added.

While the United States is debating whether or not a bakery has to provide cakes for gay couples, a bakery in Canada is doing one better. Awesome!

Chris (right) with his partner Jared, a proud Canadian couple