Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A web series educates kids about LGBT issues

Queer Kid Stuff is an LGBT educational YouTube series for all ages, imagining a kinder and more equal future through inclusive media.

Hosted by Lindsay, a queer person from New York City, the goal of this project is to provide positive representation for young kids, especially ones who are questioning their identities.

The pilot episode of Queer Kid Stuff or QKS+ aired in the spring of 2016 and discussed the question: ‘What does gay mean?’ Since then, the YouTube channel has grown to over 13,500 subscribers. 

The web series has been awarded funding from organizations like GLAAD and the Awesome Campaign. It also raises its own money on Patreon. You can also buy kid and LGBT-friendly merch from Queer Kid Stuff to support their efforts.

The latest episode is a resource for teachers on making their classrooms more queer-inclusive. Watch it below:


  1. By Tony Morton: Should be Required in Schools

  2. Oh I'm very happy about this web series and I hope all parents let their children watch it.