Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spanish football clubs stand against homophobia in football

February 19th is celebrated the International Day against Homophobia in Football. The date pays homage to Justin Fashanu, born an 19 from February of 1961, who was the first elite footballer who publicly out his homosexuality in 1990. 

Justin was expelled from his team, no club offered him a full-time contract. His former coach and some of his colleagues spoke out against him, and his brother publicly disowned him. After being falsely accused of rape, he fell into a depression which he would not get out of and he ended up committing suicide in 1998.

In the Spanish Football League, like in other European leagues, several teams showed their support against homophobia in football and they played last matches with rainbow laces in the players' boots and the captains' armbands.

Surprisingly, there are still no openly football gay players, so on the one hand not much has changed, but public attitudes clearly have changed to more support for LGBT athletes.

Alex Granell, Girona's captain, with a rainbow armband