Monday, February 25, 2019

All English schools will teach students about LGBT issues

A new school guidance will update a curriculum that's nearly two decades old. It will be compulsory for all English schools to teach their students about LGBT people in relationship and sex education.

The new guidelines outlined by the UK government will create three new lessons in order to teach children and teenagers about everything from the dangers of sexting to spotting anxiety in friends. This updates the legislation originally passed in 2000 and will be implemented in September 2020.

Primary school children (age 5 to 11) will be taught relationships education, with secondary school students (11 – 16) given lessons in relationships and sex education. All ages will receive lessons in health.

Part of the relationship education lessons will include diverse families. This means children from the ages of 5 will be taught about the existence of same-sex parents and trans people.

According to recent data released by the government, the majority of British people have no problem at all with same-sex relations.

LGBT education is capital

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