Saturday, February 20, 2021

Britain's spy chief apologises for historic discrimination against LGBT people

Richard Moore, the chief of Britain’s foreign intelligence service, publicly apologised for historic discrimination against LGBT people in the spy agencies before 1991. 

Moore, known as "C," released a video on his personal Twitter account to say sorry for the treatment of LGBT individuals.

Britain decriminalised homosexual acts between men in 1967, but its spy agencies refused to hire gay, lesbian and transgender officers until 1991 because they believed they would be susceptible to blackmail.

“Until 1991, being openly LGBT in MI6 would cause you to lose your job or prevent you from being allowed to join in the first place,” said Moore. “Committed, talented, public-spirited people had their careers and lives blighted because it was argued that being LGBT was incompatible with being an intelligence professional. This was wrong, unjust and discriminatory,” Moore added.

Moore's apology comes in the same week that country's defense ministry apologized to gay service personnel who were thrown out of the military and had their medals stripped before 2000.

Watch Moore's video below:

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