Friday, March 28, 2014

A Gay Man is Rejected as Organ Donor

Rohn Neugebauer, a 48-year-old man who died suddenly of a heart attack March 16, was prohibited from becoming a donor after his death because he is gay.

The Center for Organ Recovery and Education told Neugebauer’s family that his sexual orientation made him ineligible to donate his lungs, kidneys or other potentially lifesaving body parts to someone on its organ waitlist.

More specifically, a representative from the center informed Neugebauer's sister that he was barred from donating after she responded affirmatively when asked if her brother had been in a homosexual relationship in the past five years.

Simply a shame!

Reugebauer and his partner of eight years Dan Burda just
had cohosted a fundraiser for the Pittsburgh-based health organization. 


  1. By Dávíd Ben-'Ánáh'gín:

    All they have to do is test his blood for STD's and if he's in the clear, there is no risk on cross contamination between Mr. Neugebauer and the donee. The medical industry is almost as bad as the cisgender homomisic public on this issue in particular.

  2. By duodream2k26

    Do you mind if i do a video on this blog? I like to spread the word on this. I'll be sure to credit you.

  3. By Scott Wyant:

    Are they afraid that the recipient might catch "the gay"

  4. By Serge Le Gouil:

    Et celui ou celle qui aurait pu recevoir en dit quoi ? Écœurant de voir ça ....

  5. By Dávíd Ben-'Ánáh'gín:

    +Scott Wyant That's the other misconception ignorant cisgenders have, when relating to blood transfusions.