Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chile may be the next country where same-sex marriage is legal

There are hopes that Chile may become the 21st country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage this month when a group of lawmakers have pledged to introduce a bill on the issue.

The MPs, from the Christian Democrats, Socialist Party, Party for Democracy and Amplitude movement, say they expect the bill to go to the Congress on next week and hope that the Government of Michelle Bachelet will back the reform.

Socialist President Bachelet said she supported same-sex couples being allowed to marry prior to her re-election in March of this year but her government is yet to address the issue.

Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are the South American countries that already allow same-sex couples to wed. 

It´s time Miss Bachelet


  1. Let's here it for Iberia! What is so cool is that almost all the Portuguese speaking world -- at least 213 million people live in places where they have marriage equality, and once Chile comes through, nations which primarily speak Spanish will have 124 million people who have marriage equality. Nice totals if you ask me!

  2. By Jeffy J:

    Go, Chile, go...Go, Chile, go !!! Keep positive and good luck !