Tuesday, December 16, 2014

US swimming champion Tom Luchsinger comes out

US swimming champion Tom Luchsinger has come out in a letter which he reflects emotionally on having tried to refuse his homosexuality, and a long struggle around trying to accept who he is.
Luchsinger has written: "For years, my sexuality was the quality I was most ashamed of about myself. But now it seems that being gay is one of the characteristics I’m most proud of. I have accomplishments linked to my name that most heterosexual men will never have. I’ve overcome the fear of being rejected from the people I love the most".
At the 2013 US national championships, he won in the 200m butterfly and qualified for the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona. The Atlantic Coast Conference named him Swimmer of the Year in 2013.
Last July, another swimming champion Ian Thorpe came out as gay too.
Luchsinger with Michael Phelps


  1. Shame Tom Daley is taken, the two of them could do a HOT movie called "gold medal divers" or something.

  2. hahahahaha I agree Eddi! some would pay for watching that movie ;p

  3. By Jeffy J:

    Way to go, Tom!! Live life to the fullest as a fellow gay. Congrats!