Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is being Gay a Choice?

Chris Thompson, a Californian vlogger, welled up after reading messages that had been sent to him from LGBT people when he asked if being gay was a choice.

"If you could choose to be gay or straight, what would you choose?", that was the question Thompson posed to his followers on YouTube, after watching 19-year-old Georgian Daniel Pearce’s shocking video where he was abused by his family for being gay. 

In his video, Thompson reads the responses aloud. Although some respondents replies that they are happy with their sexuality and wouldn’t change the person that they are in love with, some of the gay followers say that they wish to be straight. 

Moved to tears by their replies, one message reads: "Not many people know that I’m gay. If I had a choice, I’d choose to be straight because as a gay I feel empty and less than other men. I just found rejection from people, even my parents". And other: "Nobody would choose to become a second-class citizen and to get death threats and not be accepted by their own family".

At the end of the video, he urges gay people to be proud of who they are, and to be true to themselves. 


  1. By Jonathan Springborn :

    It is NOT a choice!

  2. By Stephan Götz:

    I do agree, that being gay is not a choice. But: The question itself urges those who answer honestly to maybe lower their mask. I am gay and I keep on telling myself I'm proud of who I am. Honestly, I'm not. I often wonder, how my life would have been so far, if I weren't gay. If my parents would not have kicked me out. If my best friend would not have been beaten into hospital in the streets and is now afraid of even going to the mall. If I not would have been mocked in school or at work being called faggot, disgusting cocksckr or just sick...
    I often wonder. But you know what: IF I had the choice, I would NOT want it any other way. Because all those things made me the person, I am today. And once a friend told me, he was encouraged to come out of the closet and could live a better life, because his friends including me showed him that being openly gay against all obstacles was worth it. Being true to yourself and to your feelings is crucial to even be able to feel the blessing of a content life. That one person alone, gave sense to all bad things that happened to me up to now.

  3. Thanks Stephan for sharing your opinion, well done

  4. By Adám Vicent:

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