Monday, January 12, 2015

ALL OUT: Stops Virginia's anti-gay bill

Imagine being rushed to the hospital but refused treatment because of who you are. In 2 days, the US state of Virginia will consider a law that allows doctors, teachers, and all companies to deny service to gay, lesbian, and bi people under the guise of “religious or moral conviction”.
The bill is going to a critical vote. If we succeed this week in convincing members of the committee to vote ‘no’, it will never see the light of day. We need a giant and global public outcry right now to show the committee that citizens in the US and around the world are paying attention.
The vote is looming, the next 2 days are crucial to stop the bill so we need to go All Out. Can you add your name to this petition to tell the voting committee to say no to this anti-gay bill? We’ll urgently deliver the signatures to each committee member right away:

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  1. An interesting and attractive site. Well done. What's the news on the Virginia bill? Can't seem to find a reference.