Monday, October 2, 2017

Macklemore performs pro-gay anthem at Australian rugby final and calls for marriage equality

The US rapper, Macklemore, issued a call for equality after an emotional performance of his hit single, Same Love, in a much-hyped pre-game show at the NRL grand final.

The performance at ANZ Stadium in Sydney follows a bizarre week in which the hip-hop artist became the focus of national attention due to his decision to play the song as part of his setlist in the midst of the campaign surrounding Australia’s non-binding, voluntary postal survey on marriage equality.

Macklemore has previously described Same Love as a song that “deals with equal rights, human rights” for LGBTI people. “This is an issue that I feel strongly about, that I feel passionate about. These people are human beings that should have the exact same rights as everybody else,” he said.

Same Love, first released in 2012, rocketed back to #1 on the Australian charts this week after the plan to perform it at the rugby final was denounced by former prime minister Tony Abbott. Macklemore has said the latest proceeds from sales of the single will go to Australia’s marriage equality movement.

It's time Australia!

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