Wednesday, July 18, 2018

'Boy Erased' trailer is released

The first trailer for upcoming gay conversion film Boy Erased, starring Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges and Troye Sivan, has been released.

In the film, based on Garrard Conley’s book, Hedges plays the son of a Baptist pastor, who is sent away to a therapy programme, aimed at “curing” his homosexuality. 

The trailer shows Garrard (Hedges) being told by his father (Russell Crowe): “I want you to have a great life. I love you. But we cannot see a way that you can live under this roof, if you’re going fundamentally against the grain of our beliefs. Garrard, tell me the truth, that’s all.” And Garrard responds: “I think about men. I don’t know why. And I’m so sorry.”

The teenage boy is then shown being made to go to gay conversion therapy, where he meets Gary, who advises him in the trailer: “Let me give you some advice. Tell them whatever they want to hear. Play the part.”

The movie also features Nicole Kidman as Garrard’s mother and openly lesbian Cherry Jones playing Dr. Muldoon.

Wishing to see the movie!

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  1. Lucas could be Massachusetts' Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy III's younger brother -- he looks just like him. A square jawed copper haired Irish-American boy, handsome as all heck. I am sure lots of young gentlemen are going to be offering their jones'es -- and young ladies their cherries-- to Lucas in whatever camp he shows up in. Heck I would!