Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tom of Finland: the movie

Tom of Finland is a 2017 Finnish biographical drama film, directed by Dome Karukoski and written by Aleksi Bardy. 

This is the story of cult-artist Touko Laaksonen (Pekka Strang), better known as Tom of Finland, and the events that influenced his iconic homoerotic drawings. 

After the trauma of serving in World War II, Touko finds no peace at home as he has to go to increasingly greater lengths to hide his homosexuality, even from his family. 

Touko gains confidence from the positive reactions he receives after sharing his explicit drawings of muscular men in sexually uninhibited situations. 

When an American publisher sees them and invites Touko over to the West Coast his life really takes a turn. 

A moving portrayal of the man behind the legendary images.

It was the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film competition at 2018 Academy Awards.


  1. By Rommy Snawder: Can hardly wait to see!

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