Friday, March 1, 2019

The cost of treating transgender troops is insignificant

USA Today published data about the cost of treating transgender troops allegedly obtained from the Pentagon.

According to the outlet, there are around approximately 1,500 transgender troops across US military service, comprising a tiny fraction of the total 2.1 million military personnel.

In the active-duty forces, there are 500 transgender troops in the Army, 442 in the Navy, 354 in the Air Force, 101 in the Marine Corps, and 33 in the Coast Guard, USA Today said.

Despite Donald Trump’s reported rage at transgender soldiers getting “clipped” before announcing the ban, USA Today‘s report claims just 17 genital surgery procedures have been performed since 2016, alongside 37 hysterectomies, four breast augmentations and 103 breast reductions.

The alleged Pentagon data shows that since 2016, just $2 million was spent on surgery for transgender troops. Transgender troops also had a total of 22,992 psychotherapy visits and received 9,321 prescriptions for hormones over the period, bringing the total cost of their specific healthcare needed nearly $8 million in three years.

The total cost of treating transgender troops over three years amounts to less than 0.001 percent of the military’s 2019 budget of $716 billion.


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