Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Belgium rowers stand up against homophobia

Ghent rowers, in Belgium, launched a campaign supporting equality in sport. Simon Haerinck, one of them, posted in Instagram a pair of photos and said: "Today we are launching the first part of our campaign 'Same Sport, Different Sexuality', to raise awareness about homophobia in sports, which unfortunately is still a taboo."

"Playing sports should be about having fun and improving your mental and physical health. It’s about escaping the daily stress of school or work. You should not have to worry about your sexual orientation whilst playing the sport you love. This is why we reach out to you!", he added.

He also said thanks to his fellow fellow rowers @claeys_ruben, @nielsraoulboone and @henri__st , straight guys who truly didn’t have a problem with him being gay and accept everyone for who he or she is.

The anti-homophobia campaign encourages heterosexuals who play sport to show acceptance by taking a picture with their LGBT teammates and posting it online using the hashtag #samesportdifferentsexuality.


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