Tuesday, March 9, 2021

San Francisco leads cities with greatest share of same-sex households in U.S.

According to a newly released report by the U.S. Census Bureau, diverse group of cities have the highest concentrations of gay and lesbian coupled households in the U.S. 

The report examines characteristics and geographic distribution of the nation’s estimated 980,000 same-sex couple households, both married and unmarried, and not LGBT people who are single. About 1.5 percent of all coupled households nationwide are same-sex. 

The San Francisco metro area boasts the greatest share of same-sex households in the United States which represent 2.8 percent of all coupled households. San Francisco metro area is followed by the Portland metro area at 2.6 percent. Same-sex couples make up 2.4 percent of the population in Seattle and Orlando.

Rounding out the top 10 list are Austin (2.2 percent), the Miami/Fort Lauderdale metro area (2.2 percent), Boston (2.1 percent), and Denver, Phoenix, and Baltimore, which are all at 2 percent,

Among married same-sex couples, 22 percent have children under age 18 in their households, while just 14 percent of unmarried same-sex couples have children. More than half of married same-sex couples have biological children, along with 44 percent of unmarried same-sex couples. Meanwhile, 17 percent of married same-sex couples have adopted children compared to 6 percent of unmarried partners.

Check the Census Bureau report here.

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