Monday, October 11, 2021

Parkland gun control activist Cameron Kasky comes out

On Coming Out Day, I want to highlight the coming out of Cameron Kasky, one of the survivors of the massacre in Parkland and a gun control activist. Cameron, 21, has come out as queer and made the announcement in a tweet.

"I don't know what 'type' of queer I am, and I am finally okay with that. Bi? Maybe? I don't know, man. The journey towards self-acceptance is one I have been on for years now, but the most difficult aspect has been searching for meaning in sexual identity when there truly is none. At least not for me. I've wanted to be straight for so long. A straight guy who's done some gay stuff here and there. There's so much security in heterosexuality," he wrote.

Cameron acknowledged how LGBT activists of color have allowed him to live the life he has today, and the privileges he has as a white man. "My ability to proudly share who I am today only exists due to queer activists, specifically queer activists of color, giving their lives for our right to exist," he tweeted.

Cameron also wrote about the stigma of being bisexual or demisexual, and how being told by white gay men that bisexuality and demisexuality are illegitimate. "Bisexual men are told they're just gay but afraid to admit it and bisexual women are told they're just straight and having a little fun. We need this to change forever."

He ended his tweet with some advice: "To those of you who are also struggling to find an identity that you find authentic, take your time. Look inwards and indulge in your beauty and light. You'll find so much to love, so much to be proud of."

Proud of you Cameron!!!

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  1. When did the gorgeous Mr. Kasky move from incredibly cute teen to drop dead handsome young man? Maybe he can star in cartoon form with the new bisexual Superman, Jon Kent, in a hot romance as they fight to keep guns out of our schools. Ah, the fantasies.

  2. Thanks for your comment Eddi, daydreaming is free! ;)