Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It's time to act!


A gunman shot and killed 19 students and two school employees in Uvalde, Texas. He was later killed by police. It was just a week earlier that after a racist, hate-filled shooter killed 10 Black people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Lamenting a uniquely American tragedy, an anguished and angry President Joe Biden delivered an urgent call for new restrictions on firearms. President Biden addressed the shooting and said:

"It’s time to turn this pain into action. For every parent, for every citizen in this country, we have to make it clear to every elected official in this country: It’s time to act. It’s time, for those who obstruct or delay or block the commonsense gun laws, we need to let you know that we will not forget. We can do so much more.  We have to do more."

Watch President Biden' speech below:

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