Wednesday, May 18, 2022

New Royal Mint coin released to mark 50 years of Pride


The Royal Mint, the government-owned mint that produces coins for the United Kingdom (UK), has revealed the first-ever official coin created for the LGBTQ community to celebrate 50 years of the UK Pride movement. 

The first official UK Gay Pride Rally was held in London on July 1 1972 since it was the closest Saturday to the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

The rally had approximately 2,000 participants and almost 50 years later, in 2019, 1.5 million people attended, making it the biggest Pride in the UK.

The new 50p coin, designed by east London artist and activist Dominique Holmes, will mark the momentous anniversary.

The eye-catching design features the historic Pride progression flag and is also inscribed with Pride in London’s values. In four striking rainbows, the values read protest, visibility, unity, and equality.

Asad Shaykh, director of marketing and communications at Pride in London, said: “It was a privilege to visit The Royal Mint as part of our partnership and see our coin being made. It humbles me greatly that the words that I coined for the brand … will be on an actual coin, opposite the Queen".

Happy 50 Prides!!!

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