Monday, June 30, 2014

Real Life Hunk of June: Mariano di Vaio

Mariano di Vaio (Assisi, Italy, 1989) is an Italian model and actor that is now having fun making this awesome fashion blog helping and following all those people that want to change their look and a bit of their personality, with written suggestions, short videos and with beautiful pictures explaining the right way to dress up for all the occasions.

Some personal questions:

New York and London. I’ve been living in both cities for a year. I moved to London to work as a model when I was eighteen. I had such a great time there, but then I decided to pursue my dream, which was not to be an actor but just to learn how to act. I think acting teaches you how to manage your feelings and that can help you in life. And now after I studied one year at NYFA I can say that I love acting. It is a very intriguing and passionate art just as New York is a super intriguing and passionate city!

Alexander McQueen, Le Tricot Perugia, Skotch & Soda, Hidden eyes (Fieno KPS), Taboo Italia, Marc Jacobs and Reshò.

Armani Cafè Privè, Hollywood, Le Banque, Lime Lite, Loola Paloosa. All these places are located in Milan.

I’m a pizza lover. I’m one of those guys who always says “Let’s call pizza delivery”. I love drinking “Leffe Beer”, definitely my favorite, and pretty much all the Italian red wines!

Fast Animals and Slow Kids – Gusto

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Mamma mia, quel ragazzo!

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