Sunday, June 21, 2015

Austria says no to same-sex marriage

The National Assembly of Austria has taken a strong stance against equal marriage on Friday.

Resolution to open marriage to homosexual couples suffers landslide defeat.

Two days before Vienna Pride, the Assembly voted against a proposed resolution to grant lesbian and gay couples ‘the human right of equal marriage’.

Out of 136 representatives, only 26 voted for and 110 against the proposal in a roll-call vote; the Green party, who proposed the resolution, was the only party to fully support marriage equality.


Viena Gay Pride Parade 2015 is ready to protest

Still... proud to ask same rights!

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  1. I read somewhere why the reason this failed so big (and it is shocking) is the the Socialists are in a coalition with the Conservatives -- and they had agreed to vote no,together, to fight off a potential vote of no confidence. The Socialist party earlier agreed to endorse a call for marriage equality but had to back off at the end.