Saturday, June 13, 2015

Two-thirds Believe SCOTUS Will Rule to Legalize Gay Marriage

Nearly two-thirds of Americans expect the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide when it rules on the issue within the next few weeks, according to a new poll. 

Only 25 percent expect the high court to leave existing state bans on gay marriage intact, while 65 percent expect the bans to be overturned, according to the poll conducted by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute.

Predictions on the Supreme Courts ruling differ sharply between same-sex marriage supporters and opponents. Among those who favor same-sex marriage, eight in ten (80%) believe the Supreme Court will make same-sex marriage legal nationwide. Opponents of same-sex marriage are divided on the outcome. Nearly half (47%) believe that the Supreme Court will legalize same-sex marriage while roughly as many (42%) believe the court will uphold the bans.

Notably, there is general agreement across party and religious lines on how the Supreme Court will rule. Seventy-one percent of Democrats, two-thirds (67%) of independents, and nearly six in ten (58%) Republicans believe that the Supreme Court will legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Majorities of every major religious group, including 63% of white evangelical Protestants and 60% of Catholics, say they expect the court to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

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It´s time SCOTUS!

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  1. By colin Johnson:

    And SCOTUS should vote for marriage equality.