Sunday, January 24, 2016

Italians urge the government to legalize same-sex civil unions

Tens of thousands of Italians have taken to the streets to push the Government to legalise same-sex civil unions.

Across Italy, supporters of civil unions carried rainbow-colored flags, balloons and alarm clocks to show it was time for Italy to ‘wake up’ to the need for a law on civil unions.

The bill for civil unions, introduced by Premier Matteo Renzi’s Government, will be debated on 28 January in the Senate. The bill would legalize civil partnership for same-sex as well as unmarried heterosexual couples.

Justice Minister Andrea Orlando has said Italy must introduce same-sex civil unions to be compliant with the Strasbourg court.

Italy is the only major country in western Europe to not to give same-sex couples any legal recognition or protection on issues from pensions to parenthood.

It´s time Italy!

Rallies held across country demanding 
legal recognition for same-sex couples