Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Italy court lets lesbian couple adopt each other's children

A Rome family court has approved a lesbian couple's request to simultaneously adopt each other's daughters in a legal first in Italy.

Each of the partners in the case had given birth to a daughter, and the court gave them parental status regarding both children. Now each child has a biological parent and a social parent, both with full and equal parental capacity and responsibility.

The Rome family court since 2014 made at least 15 rulings upholding requests for gay people to be allowed to adopt their partners' children.

But Italy's long-winded legal system makes it difficult to state clearly that the principle that such adoptions should generally be allowed has been established.

Italy is the last major Western country not to give any legal recognition to gay couples and the debate over civil unions has split parliament along religious lines.

It's time Italy!


  1. By sheila sexys:

    Gratulations ladies more power to you I wish someone would let me. A child where I can raise in my life I lost my only one when I was 18 years old and her mother both got killed in a drive-by shooting I am a shemale 

  2. By Reg Reinhart:

    This Should Also Be For Gay Males To Abopt, Children As Well

  3. By sheila sexys:

    +Reg Reinhart I totally understand and respect that too

  4. Thanks for your words and support Calvin!