Friday, April 15, 2016

Air France's gay stewards refuse to fly to Iran

Gay stewards for Air France outraged over Iran’s stance on homosexuality are crying foul over the re-opened Paris to Tehran route, and some are refusing to work on it.

One steward started a petition on titled “Gay stewards from Air France don’t want to fly to the death penalty in Iran”, that has over 27,000 supporters of 35,000 requested.

Homosexuality in Iran is illegal. Some people are killed for being gay, and some gay men in Iran are even forced to have gender reassignment surgery even if they don’t identify as transgender.

Support this petition here.

Les stewards gays d'Air France ne veulent 
pas voler vers la peine de mort en Iran


  1. Fight For Gay The Same-Sex-Marriage, As We're Standing Up For GayLife, Style,Way Of Living It Should Be Made Just Up Like Men And Women Live Their Life But The For Marriage's The Same Rule's In Life,Thank You,This Is For My Gay Friend's,

  2. Homosexuality in Iran and other places in that part of the world like Saudi Arabia is more than "Illegal". Crossing when the light is red might also be "illegal". It is a capital crime punishable by death. In Iran it has no age limit -- teenages have been execuited. Estimates by human rights groups. are that over 4,000 gay and bi men have been executed by the islamic regime, with well over 100 men a year killed. And all you have to be is accused to suffer this penalty -- the courts have not exactly been lenient. Note -- woman in lesbian relationships are not killed, they are just subject to public lashings and long imprisonments where they can be routinely raped by security guards.

  3. Thanks for your comment Eddi, it's a shame to say nothing about this and make business with them and look the other way!