Saturday, April 2, 2016

Same-sex marriage law goes into effect in Greenland

Greenland, a Danish constituent territory, had not been affected by the 2012 Denmark's marriage equality law.

The Greenland's marriage equality bill, which is an adoption of Denmark’s law, was passed unanimously by both the Greenlandic Parliament and Danish Parliament.

The long journey of the same-sex marriage bill in Greenland began back in 2014 when the bill was presented, but put on hold due to Greenland’s ex-Prime Minister having to step down.

After Greenland’s November 2014 snap elections, the same-sex marriage bill was approved by the Greenlandic Parliament on a vote of 27-0 in May of 2015. It was then sent to Danish MPs who had to officially approve the proposal.

Finally, Greenland’s same-sex marriage law has gone into effect just in April 1st.


Gay Pride Parade in Nuuk (Greenland's capital)


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