Monday, September 11, 2017

First openly gay rugby player gets NRL to back same-sex marriage in Australia

The first openly gay rugby league footballer Ian Roberts successfully urged the league to publicly support same-sex marriage in Australia.

After a long professional career, Roberts came out as gay in 1995, a world first for the sport.

In the midst of an upcoming same-sex marriage public vote, he wrote to the National Rugby League chief executive Todd Greenberg.

In the email, he urged the code to throw their support behind the ‘yes’ campaign for marriage equality. And on Friday, he received a call from Greenberg to confirm the support.

Roberts said: ‘I’ve never felt so proud about our game. This will save lives’. And he added: ‘This is a moment in time that will be remembered forever’.

In 2015, the NRL publicly came out in support of marriage equality, but this latest move is for the ‘yes’ campaign.

It's time Australia!

Ian Roberts with his partner of 11 years, Daniel

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