Friday, August 3, 2018

Loving God and a man is compatible

An Italian priest named Giuliano Costalunga caused the repercussions in his country after moving to Spain to marry his boyfriend and explain his love to the whole world through a video about the trip and the ceremony published on YouTube.

"After 10 years my dream has finally come true, I married Paolo, my friend and my love, because I always love God and I love him," confessed the priest. "I live a special experience, Paolo has saved me, it made me a better person, it's an angel that has changed my life," he added.

The Verona bishop, in contrast to gay marriage, does not approve of his decision: "For our church it's a very sad case. A predecessor in my position would prevent this father from being ordained, I imagine he had intrigued that here the man was not the best choice to become a priest."

The two men now live their love story in the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain, because this is a country that is a reference in LGBT rights. They say that every Sunday very early they go to the church because their love in God is greater than the prejudices of the people.

Love always wins!

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  1. By Lee Mckay: You cannot base your religion on the Bible, and be gay. The two are NOT compatible.