Saturday, August 25, 2018

LGBT activists detained in Russia will receive fines

30 participants were detained for trying to set an LGBT march in St. Petersburg on 4 August.

Despite the event was due to take place on the day, Russian authorities refused to permit the festivities and arrested the activists upon their arrival to Palace Square.

The court ruled that 13 of the 30 detainees will receive fines, which in most cases will be 5,000 rubles, an amount which corresponds to $73.

Six of the participants were underage, so the Russian Commission for the Affair of Minors will handle their cases. They will be registered, but no administrative procedure will be started.

Rest of participants are still waiting for their verdict, but it is very likely they will also receive a fine.

Activists also tried to organize the first legal LGBT Pride in the country last month. Despite the initial approval, local authorities banned the march after only 24 hours.

In 2013 the Russian Parliament adopted an anti-propaganda law for LGBTI-related issues. This basically killed all LGBT activism in Russia.


  1. By Nina K Tryggvason: they are going to be charged fees to be disappeared?

  2. By George Pendarbes: Criminal Putin 💀