Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Nigeria named the most dangerous place for LGBT tourists, while Norway is the safest

A new study has found that Nigeria is the most dangerous country in the world for LGBT tourists, while the UK is the fourth safest.

Researchers at travel website Asher & Lyric compiled their list of the best and worst countries for tourists by examining LGBT rights in each country.

They examined issues such as the legality of same-sex relations in each country, whether same-sex couples can adopt there, and what protections are in place for LGBT workers.

Nigeria was given an ‘F’ grade and a score of 142. Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria and is punished by up to 14 years in prison or the death penalty under Sharia law. Discussion about LGBT rights is also criminalised in Nigeria.

Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabi, Tanzania, Iran, Sudan, Barbados, Malaysia and Malawi rounded out the top 10 most dangerous countries for LGBT tourists to visit.

Meanwhile, Norway came out on top of the index as the safest country for LGBT travellers with a score of 307 and an ‘A’ grade. It was closely followed by Portugal and Belgium, with the UK in fourth place with a ‘B+’.

Check the whole list here.

Where you should avoid travelling if you’re LGBT, mapped

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  1. I am not quite sure this map is that accurate. For example, I know North Korea is a very hot tourist destination for many, but I am not sure it is more safe (Orange) than India (Red) -- which recently legalized homosexuality. In fact, a discreet LGBT nightlife scene is beginning to open in Mumbai. Iraq should not be rated yellow, Shiite Militias are imposing Sharia law across the nation. Danger should also be expressed here; for example, for example, you can walk wherever you want in Japan without fear of being mugged, however you do not go dare out anywhere in Brazil at night alone without knowing what you are doing. I think ratings like this with political motives in mind have to be taken with some skepticism.