Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Denounced a concentration camp for gays in Chechnya

New news by Euromaidan Press about persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya:

Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov has not only sponsored direct attacks on members of the LGBT community in his republic but has adopted a plan for “the final solution of gay issue” and opened the first concentration camp in the world for sexual minorities since Hitler did so in the 1930s, according to a Novaya gazeta investigation.

The goal of this effort, the paper’s Elena Milashina and Irina Gordiyenko say, is “the complete cleansing of Chechnya from men of non-traditional sexual orientation.” The authorities have set up several internment camps where inmates are killed or forced to promise to leave the republic.

One of those who fled told Milashina and Gordiyenko that before being incarcerated in one of these camps, he had been forced to pay bribes to Chechen police of thousands of rubles every month in order to survive. Now, the regime has taken another step against gays by creating these camps, this survivor says.

Another former inmate said that he and others incarcerated in “the secret jail” were beaten to force them to name other members of the gay community. The address of at least one of these concentration camps is known: it is in the former military headquarters in Argun at 996 Kadyrov Street, symbolic in its way.

Novaya gazeta and a few other Russian outlets last week reported about repressions against gays in Chechnya, but the Kadyrov regime denied all accusations. It even claimed that “if there were homosexuals in Chechnya,” the authorities wouldn’t need to deal with them because their relatives would.

It would be the first concentration camp
for gays since Hitler's times


  1. By Jack Ross:

    This is very disturbing. Will the world stand by and allow this to happen?

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  3. By Perrick's Theme:

    So sad, how long must the Hate continue?

  4. People cannot choose their sexual orientation and shouldn't be punished for it. Unless you are naturally oriented to both sexes, you aren't choosing to be heterosexual, so what is so retarded about you that you think people choose to be same sex oriented?

  5. If straight (heterosexuals) aren't choosing to be straight, what makes you think gay (homosexuals) choose to be that way? This sort of vilification is pure evil.