Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump finally signs religious liberty executive order

As advertised, Donald Trump has signed the religious liberty executive order today, for the National Day of Prayer, after pressure from Republicans including Ted Cruz and Mike Pence.

Trump ditched explicit anti-LGBT language from the executive order but campaigners say it’s still setting up an attack on equality. In fact, the act is expected to be only the beginning of weakening LGBT rights in the United States.

Like the earlier draft of the order, this bill would prevent the federal government from taking action against a person “on the basis that such person believes or acts in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman”.

This order is incredibly alarming, particularly for millions of LGBT people and women across the nation who are among those most frequently subjected to discrimination under the guise of religion.

This is not religious liberty, this is license to discriminate!


  1. Trump's final executive order signed today actually left out anti-LGBT language. Talk is that Ivanka and Jared, his socially liberal and powerful daughter and son in-law, once again prevailed at the last minute and managed to delete the language from the order. Not too much attention was paid nationally today to this - the passage in the House of the bill to repeal Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) has taken up much of the news cycles, a bill which now goes on to the Senate where it faces a much more hostile environment for passage. The executive order signed today allows business exemptions from federal regulations based on religious objections, including mandates to provide birth control services to employees that are required by health insurance mandates, stopping contributions to political campaigns in exchange for tax-exempt status, and other controversial issues which are of interest primarily to socially conservative religious organizations.

  2. Thanks Eddi for your detailled comment, you are right this order is an authorization to discriminate across the US.
    Unfortunately it is not the only and won't be the last...

  3. By Charles Valenza:

    Fucking Hypocrites!

  4. By h jacobs:

    Again the Constitution says all men are created equal that means we all should be treated the same if you're gay bi straight trans whatever these Evangelical evil Christians and vice president Pence is behind a lot of this b***** and remember if he signs his bill they can deny you service and a lot of things the one thing they can't deny you service and they're not telling this is if you go to the emergency room and you have a life-threatening like you been gunshot or a heart attack a doctor cannot refuse you service based on his religion a nurse cannot refuse your service they take a note and if so there's lawsuits they're going to happen all around the country and that's murder because you cannot sit up there and safe because you're gay I'm not going to come in here and treat you because you got stabbed or because I don't agree with your a different religion I don't want to treat you that's wrong.