Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thousands march in the Equality Parade in Warsaw

The 17th annual Equality Parade took place in Warsaw in support of gay rights, while Poland's conservative government continues to oppose civil unions for same-sex couples. 

Over 50,000 attended the parade, with 40 foreign embassies including those of France and the US, expressing their support.

The parade was intended to draw attention to the rights of LGBT people, fight discrimination and promote acceptance of same-sex unions, with people also marching in support of people with disabilities, religious minorities other marginalized groups.

Small groups of gay rights opponents chanted hostile rhymes, but there was no violence. Police secured march.

All proposals by left-wing lawmakers to debate regulations that would allow for same-sex marriage have been rejected in Parliament. The President of Poland said same-sex marriage will never be legalised in the country, despite pressure from lobby groups and neighbouring European countries.

Maybe Poland has no rights for same-sex couples, but the awareness of the need for them is growing. 

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