Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pantene Philippines shows support of trans people in its ad

Pantene Philippines has won praise for showing support of transgender people in its latest ad, which features beauty queen Kevin Balot, who calls herself “the girl named Kevin.”

The two-minute video, titled “Strength knows no gender,” is structured as Kevin’s message to those who, like her, have been struggling with self-acceptance due to the gender they were assigned at birth.

In the ad, Kevin first appears on her own, but she is eventually joined by three other young people who overcome their self-doubt, achieving self-acceptance.

Kevin tells viewers: “To you who are feeling the world is against you. Don’t be scared. Things can still go your way. They say it’s just a phase… maybe. Or maybe you’re confused. No one knows. The fact is, you are still discovering who you really are and that is OK."

“There will be those who will hurt you. Be strong. When you can stand up for yourself, no one can bring you down. Remember you are beautiful and unique. You deserve to be heard. Accepted… and loved," Kevin adds.

Watcth the ad below:

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