Monday, September 23, 2019

Belgrade, the winning bidder for EuroPride 2022

European Pride organisations have selected Belgrade Pride to be the host of EuroPride in 2022.

Belgrade’s bid attracted 71% of the vote of members of the European Pride Organisers Association in a ballot at their Annual General Meeting in Bilbao earlier today.

Kristine Garina, President of the European Pride Organisers Association, said: “Pride has always been a protest and EuroPride will have a huge impact for LGBTI people in Belgrade, Serbia and the whole region. I have seen for myself the violence and protests that Belgrade Pride has experienced in the past, and our members’ votes for Belgrade show that we want EuroPride to have maximum impact.”

Belgrade Pride’s history is one of violence and counter-protests from far-right and nationalist groups, and subsequent bans on the event taking place. Since 2014, the Pride has taken place successfully and with growing support. Belgrade Pride 2019 took place just one week ago.

Belgrade Pride’s victory was in the face of stiff competition from Pride Barcelona, Dublin Pride, and a joint bid from ILGA Portugal, rede ex aequo and Variações LGBTI.

Garina paid tribute to the other bids, saying “Every one of the bids showed the power of Pride to change lives, and they all offered brilliant, inspiring and inclusive events. It’s sad that there can only be one winner, and I thank all the organisations for their hard work and commitment.”


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  1. Belgrade???? In Serbia? This is a surprise. I always considered a Russophile nation, where values would be similar to that of homophobic Russia. Yet Pride Marches have been active in Belgrade (I checked) since 2014. Actually, Serbians are fairly tolerant on LGBT issues even though same-sex marriage is not yet recognized. I guess times are changing.