Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Iran continually violates LGBT rights in spite of West' silence

Iran is one of the principal countries where LGBT rights are seriously violated and the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif showed why when he endorsed the execution of gay people.

Sarif defended his country's draconian policies at a joint press conference with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Tehran. Maas largely ignored the issue at the time. A reporter from German tabloid Bild asked: "Why are homosexuals executed in Iran because of their sexual orientation?"

He responded: "Our society has moral principles. And we live according to these principles. These are moral principles concerning the behavior of people in general. And that means that the law is respected and the law is obeyed".

Homosexuality violates Islamic Law in Iran and can be punishable by death. Several thousand people have been executed for homosexuality since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

LGBT people in Iran face abuse, torture and threats by govern and families. Violating LGBT rights under the guise of moral principles shows that Iran doesn't respect human rights, and LGBT rights are human rights. 

As long as the country's laws do not change, the situation of homosexuals in Iran will not improve, and Western countries remain silent.

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  1. Except for Pink News UK, and this blog, I never see any coverage of what is happening in Iran. Joe My God, the American Blog, hardly runs any stories about it.