Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa caucuses!

Yes! Iowa made it possible! Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa caucuses!

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claimed a measure of victory in Iowa, telling supporters at his caucus watch party that the state had "shocked the nation."

A Buttigieg win or top finish in Iowa would be historic, marking the furthest an openly gay candidate has come to securing a party's presidential nomination. 

Buttigieg's potential strength in rural areas. During his campaigning in Iowa, he had tried to argue that he can bring in not only Democrats but independents and what he calls “future former Republicans.” He said that’s important in rural areas and industrial small towns where Trump had strength in 2016.

He declared: "Tonight’s results not only represent an astonishing victory for our movement, they validate the message of belonging that brought us here. If you believe that a new and better vision can bring about a better day, join us."

"With hope in our hearts and fire in our bellies, we’re going on to New Hampshire, on to the nomination, and on to chart a new course for our country," he added.

Jim Donchess, Mayor of Nashua, the second city in New Hampshire, endorsed Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday ahead of the state's presidential primary next week, citing the "unifying vision" of the former South Bend mayor's campaign.

"As a fellow mayor, I know firsthand that we don’t have the luxury of letting politics get in the way of what matters most, delivering for the people who depend on you. It’s time we had someone in the White House who understood that," Donchess said in a statement. 

"As president, Pete will serve communities like Nashua because he comes from a community like ours, and he will bring the voices of working people from cities and towns across America to Washington," he continued. 

New Hampshire, it is your turn to make History!!!


  1. Incredible! The supercomputers at the New York Times are giving Pete an 81% chance of winning the most state delegates in Iowa once all the votes are in. Whatever happens, he has won already in terms of perception -- no one heard of Pete a year ago, and he gone on to at least tie even the great Bernie Sanders as one of the top 2 candidates of the Iowa Caucuses. And he did so by appealing to all age groups, not just people under 30, and by winning 2/3 of Iowa's counties in the places that the Democrats need to win if they are going to defeat Donald Trump this November. Political analysts are calling this one of the political groundswells of all times in the history of United States Politics. To think that a 38 year old gay man would get more support than such politicians Joe Biden, Kamillah Harris, and Elizabeth Warren who are national figures -- simply amazing! Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are from neighboring states to New Hampshire (Vermont and New Hampshire) and are the favorites to win - if Pete were to finish in the top 2, it would be another incredible victory for his movement.