Sunday, November 1, 2020

DNA magazine is celebrating 20 years in 2020

This month, the Australian DNA magazine celebrates not just a milestone with 250th issue but its 20th anniversary. That’s 20 years of finding the best stories and hottest guys in the world to share with us. 

With last issue they also present '2020 Vision', a look back at two decades of LGBT challenges and triumphs. We also can read from the editor: DNA #250 And Our 20th Anniversary!:

Revisiting 250 issues of DNA is fun and a bit strange. Some stories and photo shoots feel like they happened a million years ago. Others still feel recent and raw. I have to admit that reviewing our images of the marriage equality announcement in Sydney in November 2017 brought back some strong emotions.  

250 issues, 20 years, two decades… we’ve experienced a lifetime of change. When DNA launched, marriage equality hadn’t even been seriously discussed within our own community, let alone the wider world. Today, gay marriage has been achieved in 29 countries. 

Read the full editorial here.

Happy 250th and we will keep reading for more years!!!

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