Friday, November 13, 2020

A new equality strategy will push Europe to defend and protect LGBT rights

The European Union (EU) has published a five year strategy, pledging to take a bigger role in making Europe more LGBT inclusive. And it promises to tackle discrimination, ensure LGBT safety, build inclusive societies and lead the call for equality around the world.

The strategy sets out a clear work programme for a wide range of services in the EU in relation to LGBTI rights.

The European Commission promises to review freedom of movement rules to help rainbow families maintain the same rights as they travel and work across Europe. And it will extend the list of ‘EU crimes’ to cover hate crime and hate speech targeted at LGBT people.

The EU will help member states end ‘conversion therapies’ as well as genital mutilation of intersex children and stop countries from forcing trans people to have surgery before recognizing their identity.

It will also help LGBT asylum seekers, ensuring those who assess them are better trained. And it will work with partners around the world to advance LGBT rights.

Moreover, the Commission has clearly noted Poland’s ‘LGBT Free Zones’ and Hungary’s plan to block trans people from changing legal gender. The strategy sets out to toughen up action against EU members that attack the community.

Check the LGBT equality strategy here.

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