Friday, November 20, 2020

The new Warwick Rowers calendar is here!

The Worldwide Roar (formerly Warwick Rowers) released their twelfth calendar, known as the best naked male calendar.

After ten years as the Warwick Rowers, they become the Worldwide Roar (WR). More men, more sports, more fun, but they are still athletes who fundraise for registered charity Sport Allies, to challenge homophobia and gender inequality through sport. 

As a mental health and human rights campaign, WR has been successful yearly through the simple but meaningful act of getting naked, and giving sportsmen everywhere the ability to demonstrate their commitment to LGBT rights, gender equality, better male mental health and combating structural racism.

Heading into their second decade, WR needs your help in making it even better than the first. You can help the cause by visiting and shopping their famous calendar.

Enjoy your WR calendar and the trailer below:


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